Bone Builder field staff members are located in Northern Kentucky, South eastern Indiana and in Central Ohio. Our Staff members will assist in getting our product out to you. Bone Builder is sold in 5 pound bags at $7.00 a bag . You can place orders through Messenger on FaceBook or by calling or texting 859-992-2693.


Bone Builder Deer Mineral

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  •     Bone Builder Mineral Supplement was developed by a  biologist in central Michigan  who studied and raised Whitetail Deer.   In 2016 while on a hunting trip  I brought some back to the Tri-State area and was amazed the results.  The ingredients in Bone Builder not only promote antler growth and great health in does and growing fawns but the sweet smell attracts deer as well. When Bone Builder absorbs in to the soil the deer keep returning and digging at the mineral sight for weeks. Deer begin to stay around the area and visit the site routinely thus holding deer on your property . 

What's Bone Builder made of

How do you order Bone Builder


      a 5 pound Bag 

                            The Best  ways  To use Bone Builder

  Beginning early in the spring  you will want to freshen up existing mineral sites on you property and March is the time to do it. Place 2.5  pounds of Bone Builder on your existing, new mineral site or an old decaying tree stump and give your deer sometime to find it. Six weeks later place another 2.5 pounds on the site again and repeat every five to six weeks. Fifteen pounds of Bone Builder will serve one mineral site all summer. That's only $21.00 per mineral site a year. 

     Draw them in and drive them crazy with Bone Builder . Most economical full season mineral around.

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                    5 pound bangs @ $7.00 

  Bone Builder has suppliers in SE Indiana , Northern Kentucky, and Central Ohio . Order on line or call or text 859-992-2693.

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