Hunters are required to hold a State Hunting Licenses as well as a  Hunter Safety Education card and fully comply with the State Hunting Regulation. Hunters have to be responsible, Honest, and be able to produce two references and willing to Interview with Wildlife Properties Staff. Hunters must also be willing to except full responsibility while on a landowner property. Hunters will be required  to fully comply with all articles of Lease/Indemnity agreement as well as any restrictions the Landowner may  want to apply . Hunters will more importantly need to completely at all time fully  respect the Land Owner , The Landowners Property, and The land Owners Privacy at all times.

  The Process of acquiring lease property   


    Wildlife Properties LLC works with property owners to assist in making their  land  available to hunters looking for a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. Wildlife Properties LLC. continues to mange the lease and work with Responsible, Trustworthy , Hunters welling to assist in watching over and  care of the landowners property.


   Hunter Qualifications  

      New properties are posted on our (Lease Property) page. At that point hunters listed on our notification list receive an email informing them of the new listing. Hunters can then lease the hunting rights to a property through  Wildlife Properties LLC .  Our team works with the hunters on a property to ensure the terms of the agreement are met ,the land owners best interest ,and the property is protected.     

      Depending on the arrangement with the Owner, properties can be leased Yearly or Seasonal, certain farms may also have crop damage tags available with the lease. Lease members have first right of refusal for lease of the property the following year as long as the owner makes it available. It is up to the lease group to notify Wildlife Properties LLC. 60 Days prior to the expiration date of the agreement to terminated a lease. Price of a Lease also includes the lease groups insurance and funds are to be paid in full at the time the lease agreement is signed. NO REFUNDS . Only members listed on the agreement and have completed all the required paperwork  are permitted to be on a lease property at anytime.

     Hunters searching for a hunting lease can place a 20% deposit on a property to hold it for 7 days.  The deposit amount will go toward the lease price, however if you should decide not to take the property only 50% of the deposit is refunded. 

    If you would like to be added to our notification list please complete the information below. You will receive conformation that you have been successfully added and will then begin receiving email notifications when new properties are posted on our web site.