Mr. Kim Kinman of Kinman Farms in Burlington Kentucky writes.

   I am a farmer in Northern Kentucky and can honestly say without any reservation, this program is a "win win". Not only are we compensated to lease our farm to Wildlife Properties LLC who in turn contract responsible and respectful hunters on our land, but in addition, we are compensated by a higher crop yield. Hunting is an effective and inexpensive wildlife management tool. The hunters have helped control the overpopulation of deer and turkey that destroy our crops.  We grow a wide verity of vegetables, field corn, soybeans, and hay on our farm. the deer and turkey play a detrimental role in our harvest yields. Controlling the overpopulation of deer and turkey in our area increases crop yield and in turn increases our revenue for our farm. The hunters for Wildlife Properties LLC have keep the deer and turkey population to a minimum.  The hunters are willing to harvest antlerless deer and hen during the fall archery season and are just in the agreement for a "trophy". The hunters are responsible, respectful, and play a vital role in the success of our crops and harvest yields.

   Prior to our agreement with Wildlife Properties LLC. we allowed hunters on our property and problems tended to arise. Hunters would be in disagreement with other hunters as to where they were going to hunt. Hunters were going outside the property lines of the farm, , and leaving ruts from their vehicles in our fields that led to erosion.  We also found that these hunters were not harvesting enough animals a year to keep up with the increasing turkey and deer population in our area.

  Since 2013 Our Farm has been very pleased with the results from Buster and the hunters contracted through our lease with Wildlife Properties LLC. The hunters acknowledge and abide by the rules of the farm and respect the property boundaries. The hunters are educated with the information before they begin hunting or arrive at the farm. No litter has been found and their stands and blinds are always removed in a timely manner. We are grateful forb the results Buster and the hunters from Wildlife Properties LLC. have provided for our farm. We look forward to working with Wildlife Properties LLC. for years to come. Thank you for your dedication and passion to hunt.


Kim C. Kinman

Kinmam Farms

Burlington, Kentucky

Mr. JL Shore of Ocala FL Writes

     We own  183 acres in Corinth Kentucky and have been doing Business with Buster Craddock and Wildlife Properties since 2012. Mr. Craddock has been a pleasure to work with and has kept our land leased out. Mr. Craddock is very professional and as long as we continue to  own property ,we will use Wildlife Properties LLC.

  Mr. Shore  

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Mr. Don Helton of Taylor Mill has been with us since 2013 writes.

   I am well please with Wildlife Properties wildlife program and the way it is operated at this time in what I have observed. I am glad to be a part of it !!!!

  Thank you

Mr. Don Helton   ( 859) 491-1668


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Mrs. Patricia Kinder of Lexington owner of acreage in Owen County KY writes. 

   In 2015 I decided to lease out my property for hunting . I choose Wildlife Properties to  do business with. They have always been very helpful and professional from securing honest dependable tenants to fulfilling our contract to my satisfaction. I have been well pleased with my association with them and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

 Patricia W. Kinder 

Mr. JD Stewart of Cin. Ohio owner of acreage in Gallatin Co.KY writes. 

   Working with Buster and Wildlife Properties has been a pleasure. Buster is professional, knowledgeable, punctual and a true go getter. He handles his responsibilities accurately and timely, he takes all the pressure off obtaining contracts and basically as an owner you don't need to do anything. I highly recommend Buster and  Wildlife Properties for management hunting rights to anyone. 

  Thank you

JD Stewart


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Mrs. Doris Brooks and Family own multiple tracks of land in Pendleton County Ky writes:

      Buster and Wildlife Properties LLC has been leasing our properties since 2012,before that there were always complaints by the neighbors of hunters with no permission hunting the land or spot light hunting at night. when Buster leased the land the complaints turned into complements.

  The neighbors are happy, and we are too. Buster has done an amazing job maintaining the properties. We appreciate his great work and will continue to stay with Wildlife Properties as long as we own the Land.

 Doris Brooks

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Mr. Henry Pogue of Ft Thomas Kentucky one of the owners of 135 acres in Campbell Co Ky. writes .

   Since 2015 Our LLC hunting lease with Russell Craddock and Wildlife Properties LLC has been a positive experience ! We also have the peace of mind that hunters under the lease agreement are overlooking the property and helping prevent trespassers or hunters not given permission to hunt on our property.

Henry Pogue

                Land Owners Testimonial

   Wildlife Properties Team takes great pride in making certain that our land owners needs are our top priority . Below  you can read what some of the property owners we work for have to say about the services we provide.