Doe Creek  Property 365  acre $3650 a yr.

         Scott County Tennessee


     This property is very secluded surrounded by big country located in Northern Tennessee. Tucked away on Stanley creek in region 4 it is fully wooded with access road through it.  This property is up for yearly lease of the exclusive hunting rights. This area holds a variety of wildlife like deer, turkey ,bear and wild hogs. Photo Below

         Owsley County Kentucky


    Three tracks totaling just under 1000 acres of secluded timber covered wilderness all located on the edge of the elk restoration zone between Clay and Breathitt counties . These tracks are all up for yearly lease of the hunting rights This area has a great Bear deer, turkey,  grouse,  bobcat,  population.  Per the Kentucky Hunting Regulation  Elk can be hunted legally outside the restoration zone. For more information please check the 2017 Kentucky Hunting Guide.     Property Photos Below

Tennessee Properties

Track #1

Located on Doe Creek in south central Kentucky just outside of Booneville in Owsley county this 365 acre property offer hunters a vast area to manage and set up to hunt the way you like .  Large timber, power lines ,cover and water.  This property is secluded with a great Bear ,deer and Turkey population offering hunters a chance to see plenty of wildlife. Plenty of space for camping and set a camper. 

Pendleton County Kentucky‚Äč

Owsley County Kentucky


New Property Listings

Kentucky Properties

 Scott county Tennessee 33 acres  $850 a yr.

 Morgan County Tennessee  $800 a yr.

         Morgan County Tennessee

      30  acres fully wooded located near agriculture  operations in Northern Tennessee is surrounded by big country. This property is up for yearly lease of the hunting rights. This area hold a  verity of wildlife such as bobcat ,bear, hogs, deer ,and turkey.    

  These Properties are located about an hour south of Lexington KY Near Boonville. Plenty of Game and lots of room for campers. Lots of water ,food ,and cover for wildlife the thrive. Check it out for your self. Other track also available in the same area.   

Tracks 1,2,and ,3   Totaling 923 acres.

For more information on Listed properties e-mail

or text 859-992-2693


Ohio Property

Gardnerville Pendleton Co.

Brooks Road ,Butler County Ohio

Owsley County Kentucky  Track #1    250 acres $2500 a year

Owsley County Kentucky Track #3     340 acres $3400 a yr

                                           Deposit Policy      

    Clients may place a 20% deposit on a property that will hold the property for 7 days. However  in the event you  decide to  not take the property, only 50% of the deposit will be refunded. Properties are awarded on a first come bases by either deposit or signed lease agreement.  NO REFUNDS 


This 145 acre property located in Butler County , of South western Ohio is up for yearly lease of the hunting rights . Crops are rotated from corn to soybeans each year. This Area holds a great deer and Turkey  populations. Lease price includes Insurance and full access for setting stands ,run cameras ,baiting and use of ATV for hunting activity. 

  $1500 a year  

 This 111 acre property is located in Zone one and has hay fields and pasture with strips of timber bordering fields. The back half of the property is bordered by big Timber. Easy access and well laid out. Property is available for the deer season and Spring Turkey season.    Lease insurance is included .

Kentucky Yearly Bear Leases for $10.00 an acre lease insurance included. Deer and Turkey seasons included 

Owsley County Kentucky  Track #2  333 acres $3330 a yr