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   If you would like a quote of what the hunting Rights on your property may be worth simply complete this form and submit. For an accurate quote please provide a general location, county, state, number of acres , percentage of woods, clearing and crops fields on the property and any restriction you may have.  

     Deer over population cause millions of dollars in lost profit to farmers each year.  Wildlife Properties can help you recover some of your lost while addressing the cause. 

   Damage to Landscape from deer over population cost home owners millions of dollars a year.

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Property Owners

Let Wildlife Properties LLC. work for you to make it safe, easy and Hassle free to generate additional income on your property .

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       At Wildlife Properties LLC we realize that the Landowner is the single most important part of our industry . That's why our team goes above and beyond to ensure the property owners needs are exceeded along with the best  lease price possible .  We use the  most up to date ,professionally prepared Lease/Indemnity agreements along  with Outdoors Underwriter Insurance policies that not only covers the Landowner but also covers the hunters the on your property. Potential hunters have to provide references, interview with our team and hold a State Hunter Safety Education card.   

    Wildlife Properties LLC. utilizes the presence and skills of responsible  outdoorsman to provide income and a service to property owners.  Hunters can provide valuable incite and watch over on remote properties, They can help with property maintained,  Help control trespassing and unwanted activity on you land.  They can work with Farmers on crop damage issues and Home owners with nuisance deer destroying landscape. Read testimony written by property owners on the "Land Owners Testimonial" page. 


 Land owners may choose to include all of a property or just a portion. You can Lease for just the hunting season starting in early September running through mid January, or you may choose a full year lease. Even If your  property is on the market you can still lease it through the winter months ,our leases are prorated in the event of a sale during the lease period.  If you should prefer not to have firearms on the property due to homes near the property we can restrict the property to archery only.


     Farmers with crop damage and loss of profit, Wildlife Properties LLC can help you in several ways. We can help you recover some of your lost profits with revenue from hunters and help remove  and push away the nuisance deer you have.  Ratification of deer in crop fields definitely helps but the continuous presence of human scent around your fields can be a powerful deterrent.  


   Wildlife Properties can Safely assist land owners to generate additional income on their property  to aid with paying  for property taxes or just the cost of maintaining your land and in most cases help with maintenance on your land . Wildlife Properties LLC. has  Welling, Responsible Outdoorsman ready to assist  with you needs.